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Yahoo/Bing Advertisers increase market share by 30%

Are you just looking to get more business and reach a larger share of your marketplace?

Do you feel like you can’t compete in Google because it’s too expensive and there is too much competition?

We can help!

Everybody knows that Google, with approximately 67% of the market is the “Big Dog” of paid search.

But why settle for 67% when you can cover all your bases by also advertising with the Microsoft ad Center. Microsoft AdCenter was created by an alliance of Yahoo and BING. It enables advertisers to use one platform to leverage the advertising power of both Bing and Yahoo.

Yahoo and Bing account for almost 31% of the US online paid search

To make sure that you get the maximum exposure for you advertising budget, Softcast Online will help plan your ad campaigns and open and manage accounts for you in both Google and Yahoo/Bing.

If you want your website to generate more business online, you owe it to yourself to learn more about how Yahoo/Bing can work for you, please call (800) 307-9150 or fill out this simple form.

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